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Viewing applications

When visiting your campaign dashboard you can see the number of applications for a campaign.

Clicking on the number will open the applications page so you can see more details.

Each application card has some icons which can be clicked:

In order:

  1. View description
  2. Email candidate
  3. Private notes
  4. Edit

A Note on Emailing Candidates

The email candidate link uses the mailto: protocol to send emails to candidates. It uses your system’s default email client to send the email. The default email client is something your web browser and/or operating system sets, rather than this site. If you want to use the email candidate button and have the mail sent from your company email (vs. personal), you’ll need to set up a default email handler for your company email address. As an example, this guide will help you set Gmail as the default mail handler on a variety of systems:

Editing Candidates

Click the edit icon to add a star rating and change the status of the application: new, shortlisted, selected, not selected and rejected – The influencers can see this on their dashboard.

Downloading Application Data

When viewing all applications, you can click on “Download CSV” at the top of the page to download a CSV file containing all the application data for that campaign.

You can filter the applications by status prior to downloading to make this easier to administer.

What now?

Now you have chosen your influencers create a group for your campaign and add the influencers to the group.

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