Blogging conferences: How to find a Sponsor

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We all love a good Blogging Conference but let’s face it we can’t always afford them outright and as much as you plan to save a little each month life gets in the way and that money gets dipped into. It could be said it’s an investment for your blog and if you are earning […]

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I went to #BlogOnMSI Linky

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Laura, the BlogOn team and the brands in attendance love getting feedback on the conference so we can improve on your experience at future events. Much as we would like to speak to you all individually, there are just not enough hours in the day, so have set up the BlogOn Conference linky below so you can share your thoughts on the event.

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Tips on Being Conference Ready For BlogOn 2017

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Whether it’s your first of fifth visit to a Blog On Conference you will no doubt find yourself preparing weeks in advance for the event. With all the excited chatter on social media, you have probably realised that there are just over 4 weeks to go! Blog On really is one of the blogging highlights of the year, so we thought you may like some tips on ensuring you are conference ready…