BlogOn 2nd October – Schedule

Welcome – 10am

Juniper suite – Health and Safety and other important stuff with BlogOn Founder, Laura Seaton

Juniper suite – Keynote – My Lifelong quest for a Blue Tick with Simon Harris ‘Man Behaving Dadly’

Session One – 10:30 to 11:15

Juniper suite – Teach me Insta with Abi Hugo from The White Thistle

Abi runs the hugely successful The White Thistle Instagram account and also uses her knowledge to help others through her Teach Me Insta membership. She will be sharing some of her tips for Instagram including reels, stories, and building an engaged audience.

Pines 1 – Practical Photography part 1 with Sara-Jayne Jones from Keep Up With The Jones Family Blog

Bring your big cameras because this two-part session will teach you all about the technicalities of taking a good photo including exposure, f stops and all the other technical jargon that may scare you. Sara-Jayne will be on hand to help you to get off automatic and on to the manual settings on your own camera with plenty of time for taking the shots and learning how to make the same photo look different with just a few setting changes.

Pines 2 – Finding your why with Nina Spencer from The Mum Edit Coach

Nina will be helping you to remember why you want to do what you do and how to find joy in it again. We have all had times when we have been in a slump but knowing what you want and why can really help you focus.

Pines 3 – Working with brands with Laura Seaton

Sharing 10 years of experience of working with brands, how to pitch to them, and how not to get blacklisted. This session will have plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and make sure you have a notebook handy as she shares all of her secrets.

30 minute break – Tea/Coffee in reception

Session Two – 11:45 to 12:30

Juniper suite – Using your voice with Steph Curtis (Stephs Two Girls) and Hayley (Down Side Up)

These two wonderful ladies will be talking about sharing their family life online, and lessons they have learnt as they tried to use their blogging voice for raising awareness.

Pines 1 – Practical photography part 2 with Sara-Jayne Jones

Following on from part 1 above you will be taking photos at the event with Sara-Jayne there to guide you.

Pines 2 – LinkedIn with Tim Liew Slouching towards Thatcham

Tim will talk about how bloggers and influencers can get the most out of the most enigmatic and different social network of all: LinkedIn.

Pines 3 – Creating a Content Calendar with Grace Hall from Eats Amazing

No matter what platform you use, being able to think ahead and plan your content will make your life a lot easier. Grace will give you some things to think about and content to plan/share over the coming months and ideas on how to schedule and keep on top of your content calendar.

Lunch – Buffet served in the restaurant

Session Three – 13:30 to 14:15

Juniper suite – How to create and launch a successful online course with Eb Gargano from Productive Blogging

Make good money… even with a small blog…RPMs of $200++
A passive income source that puts YOU in control. (No more being at the mercy of Google or social media algorithms.) Sounds all a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it?
But it’s totally possible and NOW is absolutely the right time to do it. The online course industry is BOOMING right now and bloggers are ideally placed to take advantage
of it.
In this value-packed session Eb Gargano, the blogger behind and, plus 4 successful online courses, will cover:
 The 3 crucial reasons why NOW is the best time to launch an online course
 The 2 BIG mistakes most course creators make (and how to avoid them)
 How to choose a course topic your audience will be falling over themselves to buy
 Why people buy ‘outcomes’ not ‘courses’ (and how to make sure your course delivers the
outcome your audience wants)
 How to plan and organise your workflows to take your course from zero to launch in just 8
 How to price your course for success
 How to build an evergreen sales funnel so you make money on autopilot!

Pines 1 – Importance of branding and brand photography with Victoria Welton

Whether you are uncertain on which colours to use, how to present yourself or just fancy a blog refresh, Vic will be helping you find the meaning behind certain colours, which ones work best together and will be giving you a tip or three on why photos of you are important, what images work well and how to give them a bit of an edge with the right edits.

Pines 2 – Core Web Vitals with Kay Thorpe from

Core Web Vitals are becoming increasingly important where Google is concerned. If you have a website and need some help to understand the key elements of Core Web Vitals then this is the session for you. With some tips for users on quick ways to improve your sites score.

Pines 3 – Understanding and growing on TikTok with Sian Russell from Helpful Mum and Danceosaurus

The session will cover using TikTok to film and edit, finding a niche, how to follow trends, growing your channel and the algorithm. Sian will also delve into how to make money on TikTok, monetising your channel, merchandise and the TikTok Creator Fund.

Session Four – 14:30 to 15:15

Juniper suite – How to be a blue tick w**ker and make money from it with Matt Coyne from Man versus Baby

How Matt became a Blue tick W**ker and went from taking the p*** on Facebook to getting a book deal, giving a TED talk, and people actually listening to what he has to say. He is quite funny but don’t tell him that.

Pines 1 – How to Start a Podcast & Make People Listen with Tom Marriott from Digital Marketing Punk

Podcasting is perfect for bloggers to expand their reach and influence. Contrary to what you might believe podcasting is super easy and cheap to get into. With a few quick and easy steps this session will get you up and running into podcasting and get you started with getting new listeners, plus your chance to ask any questions you have about starting a podcast. 

Pines 2 – Vision Boarding with Mel Knibb from Le Coin De Mel and sponsored by Collab Planning Co.

Using the vision posters from Collab Planning Co Mel will be taking us through visualising your goals and then achieving them.

Pines 3 – Reels with Cookie from That’s the way the cookie crumbles and her sister Lucy.

Cookie will be sharing her brand of crazy with everyone as she discusses getting out of your comfort zone and getting in front of the camera to connect and grow your audience.

Break – Cake in the restaurant and gin in the brand den

Session Five – 16:15 to 17:00

Juniper suite – An audience with Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2

Get all of your questions answered in this informal chat show style chat with Emma. Watch out for the attendee email where you can submit questions that will be answered during this session.