BlogOn 8th October – Sessions and Speakers

We have so many amazing sessions to announce in the lead-up to the event but here are a few to get you started.

How to master SEO as a blogger – Nicola Hughes

There is so much misinformation shared in blogger groups when it comes to SEO, but when you’re seeing multiple bloggers take and share the same advice, it can be hard to not follow the herd.

This session will talk about the basic steps you can take as a blogger to master SEO, from the right accounts to follow on Twitter to improve your knowledge, to simple fixes and actions you can take to ensure your blog is as Google friendly as possible. 

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy and how to create one – Gemma Connor

The session will cover why it is important to have a strategy, what the strategy should include and free tools to help. 

Phone Photography Tips & Tricks – Mel Knibb

  • Do you find it tedious to carry a ‘big’ camera with you all the time?
  • Do you always have your phone with you?
  • Are you short on time and money?
  • Do you feel like your phone photos look a bit ‘meh’ and nothing special?
  • Do you ever find that ‘the moment’ has just gone by the time you take a photo?
  • Wonder how some people manage to get great photos on their phones?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, this session is for you. It will be full of practical tips and tricks you can implement straight away.

Making Money from Blogging – Top Blog Coaching (Emma Bradley and Louise Williams)

Emma and Louise will share the varied ways that bloggers can make money on and off the blog. Both have used their platforms to become full-time bloggers on part-time hours. Making money from blogging is totally doable but it is down to strategy and not chance. In this session, they share how they went from hobby bloggers to changing their mindset and operating as a business. 

They will cover: Getting paid reviews, SEO jobs and brand campaigns. Plus looking at a few other income streams. 

Playful parenting hacks with Dr Amanda Gummer

Parenting is tough but with a few playful hacks, you can learn ways to make it more fun and keep the upper hand when it comes to negotiations and behaviour management. Playful parenting hacks are tips based on children’s age and stage of development that you can use to diffuse stressful situations and help children learn valuable lessons without the need for a battle. 

How to write the perfect blog post (for search engines AND your readers) – Eb Gargano

It’s often said that you should ‘write for your readers, not for search engines. But is it possible to do both? Absolutely! In this session, I’ll be sharing all my tips and tricks for crafting an awesome blog post that ranks well on Google AND delights your readers. We’ll cover dos and don’ts, ideal length, titles, H tags, UX, keywords, meta descriptions, internal linking, competition analysis, CTAs and more. Plus get a free copy of my Successful Blog Post Blueprint!

Introducing the BlogOn Speakers

Dr Amanda Gummer
he Good Toy Guide was founded by child development expert Dr Amanda Gummer in 2012. Created to provide an independent, expert accreditation service for children’s products, The Guide provides a trusted resource for parents and gift-givers to find truly Good Toys, Apps and Baby products. Amanda has a PhD in Neuropsychology, the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education and over 20 years’ experience working with children and families. Having worked in children’s industries for many years, Amanda is now widely considered as the UK’s go-to expert on play, toys and child development. She can regularly be seen in the media, including BBC News, Sky News, The Daily Mail and many more, offering advice on news stories and issues surrounding children, families and child development.
Eb Gargano

Eb Gargano is a professional blogger who blogs at and Drawing on her business and marketing background, she has turned
blogging into a successful career. Known as ‘the organised blogger’ in blogging circles, she is
passionate about sharing her business, blogging and productivity tips and seeing bloggers turn their
blogs into successful businesses, without burning out. She lives in Sussex, in the UK, with her
husband and two children, and when not blogging, she can be found cycling
through the beautiful Sussex countryside with her family or curled up on the sofa with a good book.

Emma Bradley

Emma writes about parenting and personal finance, she’s the founder of the successful blog Mums Savvy Savings and award-winning blog Emma and 3. She’s also co-Founder of Top Blog Coaching Consultancy.

Emma is a professional and highly experienced blogger and blog coach, with a proven track record for success. A writer, teacher, public speaker, author and regularly featured in the national print media and has been on TV including This Morning, The One Show and ITN News (plus a contestant on Tipping Point – but that’s a whole other story!)

Prior to building her thriving blogging brand and reputation, Emma was Head of Sociology in a large comprehensive school in Gloucestershire. She left the classroom after 12 years and burnout to gain a better work-life balance and be more present for her family.

Emma loves blogging and all it can bring and she knows that others can also make money from blogging if they choose to.

Gemma Connor

Gemma has over 8 years experience of digital marketing and content writing.

She currently runs Family On The Go an online magazine offering both local and national news, days out and places to go ideas for families .

She is also a digital marketing consultant helping smaller brands put together and implement Digital Marketing Strategies.

Louise Williams

Louise is one third of Top Blog Coaching, a professional blogger, she built her blog up from scratch over 7 years into a profitable business and now teaches others how to do the same via the membership. Over the seven years, she has been a regular magazine and newspaper columnist and has appeared on the One Show and had a series on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. As well as all the incredible opportunities blogging has brought her, she now uses her platform for ADHD advocacy and has now opened a gym with a focus on mental health which she runs alongside her blogging commitments.

Mel Knibb

If you’re looking for Mel, she’ll be the one with food in one hand and her camera in the other. Oh, and she’s French, but don’t ever tell her she sounds foreign! She started writing her blog in 2013 when one of her daughters was diagnosed with a gazillion food allergies and she quickly found a brilliant community online.

Le Coin de Mel is all about food, random DIY projects, photography, family life, crafts, days out and pretty much everything she gets up to with her 4 kids. You can find Mel on Instagram (She’s obsessed with stories & Reels!). She also develops recipes, photographs anything and everything, talks about single mum life, cooks with her children, plans meals, meditates, teaches French at secondary school and dreams of yellow VW campervans.

Nicola Hughes

Nicola has been blogging since the birth of her first child in 2016 and has grown her hobby into a niche site that passively earns a full time wage every month. Her passion for blogging also helped her transition from a dead-end retail job into a role as an SEO specialist at a digital marketing agency. She now holds a senior position at House Digital and loves nothing more than securing top ranking positions for a large number of clients including Chill Factore, tastecard, Pizza Hut Restaurants and Yappy. Nic specialises in on-page optimisation, linkbuilding and content marketing, although often likes to dabble in technical SEO too!