Info & T&C’s

Info & T&C’s

Who Can Apply?

Any blogger or their family based in the UK will be eligible to apply, provided they have a current blog and have been blogging for at least 12 months and have produced blog content in the last 2 months. People can also apply on behalf of another blogger or that blogger’s family.

How to apply

Applications should be made using our online application form, which will ask you to outline:

The level of funding requested
How it would be used
How you/they meet our funding criteria
Details of the Time of Need

Amount of funding available

In 2017 there is likely to be in the region of £3000 of funding available. All of the money does not need to be spent in each year and can be carried over. We expect that each payout will be in the region of £50 to £100 and will be issued in vouchers or by providing a product/s however the final funding amounts will be determined on a case by case basis.
Unless it is the only practical option we will not give anyone a cash payment or pay into a fundraising pot.

Applications for funding will be considered by the Panel when they are received and provided 3 of the 5 Panel members agree with the award the award can be made.

Who will receive funding?

Funding is available to people who need practical help during a time of need.

The following are examples of ‘A time of need’ but it is not limited to such circumstances and the panel will look at what constitutes ‘A Time of need’ on a case by case basis.

1) bereavement
2) sudden hospitalisation (over 2 nights)
3) Serious unexpected illness/diagnosis
4) emergency displacement from permanent residence

All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis against our funding criteria.

Which projects do not receive funding?

The funding is to help in an emergency because of an unexpected situation. We will not fund anything that has arisen due to an ongoing situation such as hospitalisation due to planned surgery or needs that have arisen due to a illness/disability that is not newly diagnosed.

The Community Fund cannot be used to fund services that would usually be provided by a statutory organisation such as a Local Authority.

Terms and conditions

  • The funding must only be accepted if there is a need.
  • Each application for funding will be viewed by all 5 panel members.
  • Funding can be allocated if 3 of the 5 panel member agree that the situation is a ‘time of need’ and that the Fund can help in a practical way.
  • The panel members will discuss how the Fund can help and once a decision has been made the Fund will contact the applicant or recipient to let them know the outcome and liaise with them.
  • The applicant must meet the funding criteria. Please do not apply if you or they do not. The panel will perform relevant research and applicants should comply with requests to determine the validity of the application.
  • Your application could be declared invalid if at any stage you make misleading statements (whether deliberate or accidental) or withhold information. If this happens you would be liable to repay any funds awarded by the Community Fund.
  • Any award will be regarded as a ‘one-off’ payment and no commitment will be given to ongoing funding.
  • All funds Unspent by the Community Fund at the end of the year collected, may be rolled into the next year. Sums that are not spent after two years may be transferred to a charity chosen by at least 3 of the 5 Community Panel.
  • Any person receiving support from the Blog On Community Fund may be acknowledged on the Blog On Social pages and website. Once funding is awarded, applicants are asked to thank the Blog On Community but nothing else is expected.