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Enhance your photography skills with this short course which teaches you how to take your camera off auto and really bring your photos to life. Learn how to manipulate camera settings to capture stunning images, explore the rules of composition, and create a captivating photography. Perfect for social media influencers looking to elevate their visual content.

Course objectives

  • Understand and adjust camera settings such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
  • Apply the exposure triangle concept to achieve well-exposed photographs.
  • Explore metering modes, selective focus, and white balance for creative effects.
  • Master the rules of composition including the rule of thirds and leading lines.
  • Learn to create focal points and convey emotions in your images.
  • Practice storytelling through pictures and idea generation.
  • Build skills in creating cohesive narratives through photography.
  • Begin your creative journey in photography with confidence and skill.
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