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How to find the ‘opportunities’ section on the platform?

I am doing this as if I’m on a mobile device but it is the same titles etc to click on, you may just have to do less scrolling to find the next steps.

When you first log into the platform, this is the screen that will appear (obviously with your name, photos etc).  Scroll down to the bottom and it will become blue.





The first words will say ‘For Influencers’.  This is your area and Opportunities is the first one under the title.




An alternative way to find opportunities if this one isn’t working for you is:

Again, once you have logged in, this is the screen that will appear.  Click on the black square with the 3 white lines on it on the top right corner.





This screen will appear and you then click on ‘Dashboard’.





This screen will then appear, click on the black rectangle with the 3 white lines that says ‘Dashboard Navigation’.




This screen will appear, then click into ‘Opportunities’






Finally, this is the screen that will appear.  Your opportunities are here when you scroll down.






We hope this is helpful.

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