How to connect your Instagram channel to the Instagram feed n your template site

In your WordPress Dashboard, you will see the Instagram Feed option in the sidebar on the left. If you click on Instagram Feed, it will open the menu shown below.

Click on settings to open the settings page. You will see an error message displayed at the top. We are going to ignore that and go to the settings below that as shown in this image.

Where you can see manage sources, delete the BlogOn account by clicking on the bin and then clicking confirm.

Click add source and follow the instructions to connect your Instagram account. This will vary depending on if you have a personal account or a business account.

Once connected you will see your account in the manage sources section but it will show as source is not used yet.

In the Instagram feeds menu on the dashboard (where you previously selected settings) click All Feeds. This will display the below.

Click the pencil icon on the right to edit this feed.

Click on settings and then sources. Then click on Edit Sources

On the below menu click Add Source

Select your account

and then click update

You should now see your images in the feed. The Title is still set to BlogOnUK so click the pencil icon and change the name of the feed to match your account.

Click save and this feed will now be displayed on the page with your Instagram Feed shortcode.

If you have any issues with this please email