How to connect your Youtube channel to the Youtube feed on your template site

If you requested a Youtube page on your template site follow these instructions to connect to your Youtube channel.

In your WordPress Dashboard, you will see the Youtube Feed option in the sidebar on the left. If you click on YouTube Feed, it will open the menu shown below to the left and it will also open the configure page.

Click on the blue connect to youtube to create a feed button and follow the instructions to connect to your Youtube channel. This will involve you giving the plugin read access to your channel.

Once connected you will see your channel listed in the Youtube accounts section as shown above. Click on the three dots next to the button that says add to another feed and check that the channel ID of your connected account matches the channel ID listed in the section below which asks you to select a feed type.

Click save changes and then visit your Youtube page. Your channel should now be displayed on this page. If you have any issues please contact