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Studio Creator

Hi, I am looking for Influencers to help promote the Studio Creator.  This campaign is for the week 15th April and we would ideally like you to have 3,000+ followers. Thanks!

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Canyon Portable Speaker

Hi, looking for Influencers to help promote the Canyon portable speaker and drive traffic to  We would ideally like you to have over 3,000 followers and a strong engagement rate and post would need to be in April.

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Event – April 12th 1pm to 3pm London – Kreepy Katz

We will hopefully be hosting an event at a Cat Cafe in London on 12th April to celebrate the launch of Kreepy Katz in Smyths Toys in the UK. The event is for ages 11 plus and will be between 1pm and 3pm We will want stories and a reel/feed post about the event promoting […]

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Deddy Bears Series 1 – Now in Smyths Toys

Smyths Toys now have Deddy Bears instock so we are looking for more influencers to share the Deddy Bears Series 1 products on their channels. This is to solely point people to Smyths and not to mention other stores that they are available in.   If you have worked on them this year unfortunately we […]

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Do your teenagers have tiktok/Instagram?

For Deddy Bears and Kreepy Katz we want to do something a little bit different. We are not looking for teenage influencers but for teenagers who have their own social media accounts who would like to feature either of these products on their accounts. This isnt about big numbers but more about authentic lovers of […]

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