BlogOn MOSI 2015

I can’t believe that Blog On MOSI has been and gone for another year. 

On Saturday 2nd May  120 bloggers and 15 brands came together at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester for the annual Manchester Blog On Conference.   The event saw bloggers learn more about Youtube, Photography and acquire tips on how to improve their blogs, s well as keynotes sessions on time management and working with brands.

BlogOn Cymru – 2015

Hosted at the Sherman Cymru theatre in Cardiff on Saturday 7th March 2015, and the day provided 60 bloggers with the opportunity to meet like-minded folk, sharing ideas and experiences, expanding networks and developing relationships with brands.

What is this domain authority thing anyway?

I am a professional blogger.

Well, in the loosest sense of the word….as far as anyone can be professional with Lego lying about all over the floor, and a tendency to eat at my desk.

I also used to be a business analyst so I am a little bit partial to the odd number. I even like a spot of digging and faffing about with the website analytics type stuff that most people ignore in favour of watching paint dry.

Top Tips for Creating a Great Blog

Find your voice – be yourself 

Unless you are using your blog as a means of creative writing, it is always best to let your own voice and personality come through in your own words.

So, you want to be a blogger?

The online blogging community is massive, but there is always room for more.  It can be easy to start a blog and start typing away – but there are a whole host of options and things to consider when you first start out which might, at first, put you off.  Do not worry, here at Blog On we aim to make blogging easier for both beginners and advanced alike.  Every blogger started somewhere, so let’s give you some tips on where to begin.

BlogOn MOSI – 2014

Hosted by the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester on Sunday 4th May the day saw 120 bloggers come together to share ideas and experiences as well as get to meet each other and network with some great brands.

BlogOn MOSI – 2013

21st July 2013 saw 70 bloggers from across the north of England congregate at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester for the first ever Blog On conference.