I just want to say a huge thank you for such an epic day at BlogOn. This was my first time, and due to my anxiety, I was mentally talking myself out of going, finding any excuse in my head, but I’m so glad I made it – it was so informative, everyone was super friendly and approachable and it was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. The goody bags were totally what dreams were made of, and my daughter thought it was Christmas morning rummaging through my BlogOn goodies when I got home! Everything was so well organised, and even if I managed to trip over my own feet 5 times throughout the day (through nerves making me even more clumsy!), all the information we were given in advance really helped me plan the day in my head and have a brilliant time. I learned so much from the talks, laughed more than I had in a long time, put faces to brands I’d spoken to so many times before, and made many new contacts too – plus, the afternoon coffee and vegan cake went down an absolute treat! Thank you Laura and to everyone who organised the event for such a brilliant day – see you next year, when I’ll definitely be booking to stay over too!