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Select – Post a campaign from your dashboard

Choose your package – either one you have paid for already or a new one

click select package

On teh next page fill in the following

Campaign title – give details of the product

Location – ignore unless it is an event

Campaign type – Choose the appropriate product type

Campaign tags – ignore

Campaign category – choose the appropriate category

Description – put as much information in here as you can regarding the product and the deliverables you want to get from the influencer.

external apply for campaign link – leave blank

Closing date – set a date if you wish to do so

Application email/url – make sure your email address is in this field

cmapaign preferred channels – select your preferred channels. Hold control or shift to select multiple channesl

Campaign minimum followers – your preferred minimum, this does not stop others applying automatically but is a deterant

Campaign age of kids – preferred age of kids

Hours per week – ignore

Cover image – add product image here

Select existing company or add a new company – new companies must have a name and description

click preview listing

If you need to pay for the listing you will do so now

Click submit listing.


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