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So we’ve spent the last year in zoom meetings, home-schooling, baking banana bread and (if you’re anything like the BlogOn team) drinking copious amounts of gin! BlogOn went online and was a huge success, but how have you managed your blog throughout lockdowns?? Has your blog continued to thrive, or has it become a place to moan about your children, cry about your weight gain and share your views on the shambles that was 2020 and you want to get it back on track?

To those of you who have managed to continue blogging, we applaud you. But then we also applaud those of you who just managed days with actual pants on rather than PJ bottoms. Fear not, however, BlogOn is here to help you through your blogging adventures! Whether new to blogging or a golden oldie, there are always new and updated ways to improve your blog and here at BlogOn HQ, we want to help everyone to get the most out of blogging.

As its January, a lot of us will look at blogging goals for the year. Have you created a blogging vision board for the year? If not, why not give it a go? Create a list of goals and put them somewhere where you can refer to them; seeing your goals in one place might inspire you to do things you might not do otherwise. Create a checklist even; admit it, we all love a checklist! Make it colourful, decorate it with stickers, or if you’re adventurous decorate it with glitter (we bet no-one takes us up on that offer!). If you were lucky enough to attend BlogOn 2019 then you may have even attended our vision board session. A vision board can give you the motivation needed to get yourself into gear and get things done. There is no feeling more satisfying than crossing off something on your to-do list!

There are many ways you can improve your blog, from simple things like fixing broken links or using some helpful social media management apps, to bigger goals like posting more frequently or getting more followers. You might want to explore new social media platforms. Do you like the look and design of your blog or is it time to update it, maybe even fully rebrand and upgrade it? You might even want to add BlogOn 2021 to your list of goals (wink wink!)! 

Whatever your goals for blogging, keep your eyes peeled for the BlogOn Xmas speakers, we are positive that there will be a speaker for every need when it comes to blogging. From photography bloggers to parenting bloggers, from food bloggers to travel bloggers, there is something for everyone. BlogOn has sessions for every level of blogger so don’t feel afraid if this is all new to you!

BlogOn Christmas 2020 was very different to fit in with Government guidelines around Covid-19, yet the speakers and team managed to smash it still; the whole event was carried out online There were still plenty of sessions, amazing speakers and lots of games and activities throughout the day. For those of you who weren’t fortunate to attend, there was even a still-life drawing session which I am sure many of us will never forget.

No-one knows what 2021 will bring and many of us have learnt not to plan too far ahead, but rest assured, BlogOn Xmas 2021 will be as spectacular as always. The tickets are on sale now for anyone who hasn’t got theirs. The event will be held on 2nd October 2021. Whether held in the conference location or from the comfort of your own homes, the event will be packed with helpful sessions from a variety of experts PLUS a day full of silly games, awesome goody bags, lots of socialising and networking and of course, gin. We hope to see you there!

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