A day in the life of a Newbie at Blog On Conference – By Angie Clementson

The day arrived.  Saturday 21st May.  Was I worried? Was I nervous? Would I make friends? Would I know anyone, apart from my daughter and her two friends, who were attending as well?  So many questions, my head was spinning.  The early start had not helped either, but it was necessary so we were not late to Manchester.

This adventure had all started months ago …….

I decided at Christmas to leave my job to pursue things I wanted to do and enjoy doing at the same time.   Crafting, baking and blogging, as I love writing.     Hannah, our daughter, was well versed in Blogging so gave me some great tuition to help me on my learning curve of becoming a successful blogger.  One of these was to buy me a ticket to the Blog on Conference – Manchester.    So plans began to be made.

We sat and chatted about whether we would stay or not. When my husband volunteered to drive us up on the day our minds were decided.

The one item Hannah mentioned I would need was a big suitcase or a trolley.

The weeks passed and the date came closer.  I began to be more intrigued about what the day would bring.  Hannah left a lot as a surprise apart from to keep reminding me to get a suitcase.

Now we get back to the beginning of this blog.  The day.

Hannah had stayed overnight, so we could have an early start.  Everything was ready to get up, get dressed and go.   Including my enormous trolley that I had bought LOL!

The journey from Coventry was steady and traffic was minimal, until we got the outskirts of Manchester.   We did, however, arrive on time.  It was funny seeing all the bloggers with their suitcases on wheels or trolleys, making their way to the conference.    I was still a little nervous, but this disappeared as soon as people started coming up and chatting.  Everyone was so friendly.  However, I did not start well when on walking to the ladies I somehow set off the fire alarms.  The staff laughed so was a joke all of the day.

On entering the conference rooms, the bags and trollies were stored allowing Bloggers to be free and wander around the companies and PR stands that were visiting that day.  It was a great opportunity to chat and exchange details.  I have blogged about items I have received since that day.

During the conference I attended 4 presentations about Pinterest, Word Press, Instagram and Twitter.  I learnt loads from these and tips to help me on my way.    Lunch was lovely and the cake was really scrumptious in the afternoon.

I enjoyed the Raffle and the Tombola which both provided some lovely prizes.  Then the end of the day came.   Believe me when I say, if you attend a Blog On Conference make sure you take the biggest suitcase or trolley that you can, as mine was totally full of all the amazing goodies and promotional items we received.

Summary of the day plus answering my questions.  The day was amazing.  Loads to see and do. There is no need to be worried.  There is no need to be nervous.  If you don’t know anyone then do no stress.  Everyone is lovely.  And yes I did make some new friends too.

Cannot wait to go to my next Blog On Conference.

Written by  Angie Clementson

Blogger, crafter, baker, Wife, Mum and Nan

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