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Don’t miss your opportunity to attend. Early bird discount applies to the first 50 tickets (or for the month of October 2021, whatever ends first)

Next event is… 8th October 2022

Toy Awards 2021 are now closed

BlogOn are events for bloggers and influencers run by bloggers and influencers.

Check out the video from our live event in September 2019

Our events cover everything from photography to tech and creating content to brand relationships.

We are lucky enough to have many amazing brands attend the events, offering a great opportunity to introduce bloggers to brands and visa versa. Then there are the goody bags… the now famous, large suitcase filling, goody bags that just get better every year. Want to know more? Buy Tickets? Well, you’re in the right place.

BlogOn Conference gives brands the opportunity to meet bloggers by being in the brand area, sponsoring a session or by putting a product into the fabulous goody bags. It also gives bloggers of all genres the chance to learn in a friendly and relaxed environment. The sessions at each conference are planned based on the attendees and we try to make each and every session interactive and open to debate.

BlogOn Visits are individual days out and getaways for small groups of bloggers around the UK where we visit local attractions and share these across social media. Sadly put on hold for 2020 we can’t wait to get planning again and showcase all the wonderful places to visit in the UK.

As well as the events BlogOn offers a fixed price blogger outreach service to the Toy Industry which allows companies to create the perfect campaign to match their budget. With some big named clients within the toy industry as well as many other smaller clients this is a huge success and helps to bring brands and bloggers closer together. BlogOn also offers advice, training, consultancy and event demonstration staff.

Feel free to get in contact to discuss any of this in more detail by hitting the Contact Us page.

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