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With over 10 years experience working with Influencers we have always stood by the fact that great relationships means great campaigns. The BlogOn Influencer Hub embodies that concept whilst incorporating easy to use interfaces and streamlined processes. Collaborate on campaigns or just have a catch up, the Influencer Hub allows you to make those connections easily.

Find out more about the BlogOn Influencer Hub and the different options available below

How The Influencer Hub works for brands

Pay per job or sign up to the monthly membership for unlimited accesses.

There are no contracts or minimum commitments and you won’t lose access if your membership runs out, you just wont be able to post any more campaigns. 

Why choose the BlogOn Influencer Hub?

We know there are a lot of platforms out there but we also know we have a USP that most of them don’t. You see we are experts in influencer outreach campaigns, with over a decade of experience working with PR companies and brands.

Streamined Process

We understand the challenges and complexities involved in running successful campaigns, and we have perfected our approach over the years.

Our streamlined process makes it effortless for us to handle multiple campaigns simultaneously, saving you valuable time and resources. Now, we are ready to pass on our knowledge and expertise to you.

Affordable Price

Having worked in the sector for over a decade we understand the budget constraints placed on marketing teams. We don’t hide our prices or make you have a demo before we tell you how much it costs and nearly all the brands we work with have told us we are far too cheap. Some of our favourite quotes including “how can we afford not too” and “I dont need to ask the boss for that price I can hide it in my budget” but that is up to you to decide. Take a look below.

To begin with all brands sign up with a free membership. This means you can take a look at the platform and have a look around before you decide what you want to do.

After that we have two options for you depending on how many campaigns you run on average.

Pay per campaign

Our pay per campaign model is totally flexible and never expires meaning you can use them as required and even carry them forward to future years. We offer these as single items or bundles to help keep costs down even further.

Unlimited membership

We offer a one month free subscription to our unlimited posting monthly membership so you can really get to grips with the hub. If you like what you see then we also offer an annual membership to help reduce the cost even further. Now remember there are no commitments, you can turn it off whenever you want without losing access to your current campaigns or any of your reports. 

Why are we so cheap?

We know our platform doesn’t do everything (not that it won’t in the future because we are working on it) but what it does do it does really well. Connecting brands and influencers, keeping communication all on one platform, reducing the amount of admin time you spend on Influencer campaigns and hopefully saving your sanity a little bit too. What we don’t do at the moment is offer reporting on social engagement but there are lots of tools out there you are probably already using so why reinvent the wheel. 

Monthly Membership (unlimited campaigns) £100/month
One campaign £50
Five campaigns £200
Twenty campaigns £500

We look forward to welcoming you to the Influencer Hub and helping you to make your outreach campaigns easier. If you would like a demo so you can see it in action just let us know and we would be happy to schedule one for you. 

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