Welcome to the BlogOn Influencer Hub

With over 10 years experience working with Influencers we have always stood by the fact that great relationships means great campaigns. The BlogOn Influencer Hub embodies that concept whilst incorporating easy to use interfaces and streamlined processes. Collaborate on campaigns or just have a catch up, the Influencer Hub allows you to make those connections easily.

Find out more about the BlogOn Influencer Hub and the different options available below


BlogOn welcomes you to join our team of UK influencers to work with top brands and PR companies. Put your name forward for the various opportunities and collaborate with brands you love. Whether you sign up for our free or paid membership you will be able to access and apply for all of the campaigns posted by brands.

Why people love working with BlogOn

    • Easy to apply – Set up your profile and browse opportunities
    • Great brands – Pick and choose which jobs you want
    • Network with friends – Chat in the groups and share content with other influencers. Even connect with your influencer friends and send private messages!

How the Influencer Hub works for Influencers

The Influencer Hub allows you to have your own profile page where you can share a little bit more about yourself, add some photos to show off your skills, network with other influencers and so much more. This isn’t just a normal opportunities website, the BlogOn Influencer Hub is a place for you to ask questions, get support and be able to connect with influencers and brands in a way you control.

By joining the Influencer Hub, you’ll gain access to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about their craft. This platform provides you with the opportunity to learn from others, collaborate on exciting projects, and establish meaningful connections in the industry. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, managing your online presence has never been easier. Showcase your expertise, build your personal brand, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this extraordinary community. Join the Influencer Hub today and take your influencer career to new heights!

How does the BlogOn Influencer Hub work?

Sign up to join the Influencer Hub

Click the button at the bottom of this page to sign up to join the BlogOn Influencer Hub so you can access some amazing Influencer Outreach Opportunities plus lots of other great features.

Fill in your profile

Make sure you fill in all of the sections of your profile page. This is what the brands will be looking at when you apply for their jobs so it is important that you fill this in.

Network with other influencers

Take advantage of the groups available to you (depending on your subscription level), connect with your friends or even send them a private message. Check out the Pro Influencer subscription for even more functionality.

Apply for a campaign

We expect to have lots of brands taking advantage of the opportunity to work with you so make sure you keep an eye on your notifications for new campaigns and set up a campaign alert.. Check out the terms and conditions for the job and then apply online.

Create content and share

The brand will liaise with you regarding the project and all of the requirements. Make sure you communicate with them at all times, meet the deadline and send them the links to your content. Why not also share it in the Influencers group so others can see all of your hard work too.

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