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Why join the Blogon influencer hub?

With over 10 years experience working with Influencers we have created the perfect platform for all of your campaigns. The BlogOn Influencer Hub has been custom created to give brands and Influencers the perfect place to work together on campaigns and build on relationships.

BlogOn has been working with brands and influencers for over 10 years managing outreach projects and hosting events to facilitate better relationships and industry standards. BlogOn has always worked direct with brands or through their PR agency to help promote products across blogs and social media channels. Now we want to be able to share that success with you with the introduction of the BlogOn Influencer Hub.

Brands and Agencies

We developed the BlogOn Influencer Hub to make your influencer campaigns easy to manage all in one place

Influencers and Creators

Join the BlogOn Influencer Hub so you can connect with brands and easily apply for campaigns

Influencer campaigns made simple

The BlogOn Influencer Hub connects you with active UK influencers and gives you full control over who you work with whilst removing a lot of the admin.

For a fixed price monthly membership you can post unlimited campaigns or you can purchase individual jobs as required.

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How else you can work with us


Influencer Outreach

We have been trusted to work on some of the largest launch campaigns for some of the top toys over the last 10 years.

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Influencer Events

We have been hosting events since 2012 and this year sees us hosting two Influencer family events which are ideal for toys and family brands

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BlogOn Toy Awards 1st Place trophy

BlogOn Toy Awards

Started in 2017 the BlogOn Toy Awards are judged by influencer families at our events. with a fixed admin fee they are perfect for all marketing budgets.

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Why work with us?

Started by Laura Seaton, the face behind the award winning blog Tiredmummyoftwo, in 2012. BlogOn has worked on some of the biggest toy launches of the past decade. With great relationships with both brands and influencers, we can help you to succeed.

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