How to tell stories with photography – by Charly Dove

The blogging industry has changed so much over the last five years. Remarkably, in the early days we just had thumbnail images in our posts! That seems like a million years ago now doesn’t it? The images we feature in our posts today absolutely have to make an impact. They must be big, sharp and most importantly paint a picture.

Perfecting the art of black and white photography.

We all anticipate what our photographs will be like in colour but do you visualise in black and white too? Black and white images produce very different emotions to colour so it’s good to train yourself to see in tones. Check out our top tips to perfecting the art of black and white photography: 

Should bloggers be getting their vlog on? – Tips from an Expert

I know many bloggers have delved into the art of vlogging at some point since starting their blogs. Many of whom have given up at the first hurdle, some have managed to mix the two merrily and others have given up the written blogs completely in favour of the vlog life.


Photographing children is very much about capturing an emotion, an expression or a moment that might otherwise be forgotten. Rather like freezing time, these photographs enable us to retain precious memories and often recall how we felt. My daughter is more than used to having a camera pointed at her. Not that she welcomes posing of course – unless it comes with a comedy stance and a silly expression! That said, she can burst out laughing straight afterwards and what a wonderful photo that makes.