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As you are receiving gifted items or even payment in some cases you must disclose this to your followers in line with the ASA guidelines.

Some important things to note

  • The ‘Ad’ label must be displayed in content before reading anything else.
  • A commercial relationship of any kind qualifies as ‘payment’. This includes:
    • Being given product
    • Being paid
    • Being a brand ambassador.
    • You are receiving an exclusive discount or a commission (affiliates).
    • You are given services, trips, hotel stays, event invites, loans, leases, rentals, etc.

General information:

People should be able to recognise immediately if content is advertising, without having to click or otherwise interact with it.

Acceptable labels include;

  • Ad
  • Ad gifted
  • Advert
  • Advertising
  • Advertisement
  • AdvertisementFeature

Disclosures advised AGAINST include;

  • Sponsored by/ Funded by
  • In association with/In partnership with
  • Thanks to [brand] for making this possible
  • Made possible by
  • No disclosure just tagging the brand in the content
  • Gift/Gifted
  • Sponsorship/Sponsored/Spon/Sp
  • Affiliate/Aff/Af/Afflink/Collab
  • PR/PRTrip/PRTreatment/PRHaul/PR Stay
  • iworkwith/brandambassador
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