What to expect from a blogging conference – Tips from an old timer

I’ve been blogging for over 7 years and I attended my first ever blogging event back in 2010. Many moons ago. It was fab and if you can believe it was my first ever trip to London. Yes I know? I’m a small town Scottish girl at heart. Now I’m no “pro-blogger” but I do love my blog, it’s my space to write an my space to love. This is why I go, to build on and make my blog better each time.

Should bloggers be getting their vlog on? – Tips from an Expert

I know many bloggers have delved into the art of vlogging at some point since starting their blogs. Many of whom have given up at the first hurdle, some have managed to mix the two merrily and others have given up the written blogs completely in favour of the vlog life.

How to write good blog post titles readers will want to click!

We all spend hours writing our blog posts but once written it can seem like they are swimming amongst a sea of other similar posts, with so many blogs around it can be hard to make your post seen. A good blog title can not only help to get that post ranked well in search engines but also encourages readers to actually click on that post and read. 

What is #BlogOnXmas?

Tickets to #BlogOnXmas go on sale today – 1st February 2017 but what is the difference between the May conference and Septembers?