Media Packs – why do you need one and how can you make one?

A media pack is a great way to introduce your blog to PRs and brands, with all the vital information about you and your website. It is a great way to help control the “first impression” they get of your blog, and help to “sell yourself” when pitching a collaboration idea without having to send an awkward email.

Perfecting the art of black and white photography.

We all anticipate what our photographs will be like in colour but do you visualise in black and white too? Black and white images produce very different emotions to colour so it’s good to train yourself to see in tones. Check out our top tips to perfecting the art of black and white photography: 

The ‘I’m going to Blog On’ Linky

Welcome to the “I’m going to Blog On Linky”, where you get to ‘meet’ other attendees before you even get inside the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI).