#BlogOnMSI 2017 – Goodie Bags Galore

Well you’ve all now had time to rest your feet and to unpack those goodie bags from BlogOn, see we told you to bring a suitcase and yet there were still those of you who disbelieved us – Tut Tut, you’ll not be doing that again I’m sure.

Do you have a favourite item from your bags? 

(Photo credit – My Mummys Pennies)
(Photo credit – My Mummys Pennies)

Were the kids fighting over them? I know mine were when I attended last year, but I was sensible and managed to squirrel some items away for occassions such as award day at school, or when the kids were off school poorly – it’s amazing the healing powers a blind bag have when you are young!

I have to say, I have loved seeing all of your photo’s on social media and the reveal videos too – there were lots of excited faces, the kids enjoyed them too.

I have to say that there is some serious goodie bag envy here, there really was something for everyone. 

I think my favourite item may well be the Oven Pride, anything to make my life a little easier is winner here, while Harry would have been jumping for the Minion and Emmy would have gone straight for the sweets – if there were any left by that point.

Thanks for the feedback…

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who left feedback via our form last week about the goodie bags, of course we do aim to include something for everyone but we can’t always please everyone, no matter how hard we try.

We have taken this feedback on board and you’ll notice our recent announcement regarding our goodie bags being more parent blogger focused as thats the majority of our audience, we hope this doesn’t exclude other bloggers from attending if this isn’t your niche, after all the talks are geared for everyone.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to pack movie or pop stars into your bags for you and we won’t be able to offer a tier of bags where you can pay to upgrade for more expensive items – can you imagine all the admin involved in that? 

We are however looking at how the goodie bags are handed out at the end of the conference as sadly some spoilt it for others by taking more than their allocated bags which of course meant there weren’t enough to go around. As a team we do hope it was an honest mistake but we will try to ensure it doesn’t happen again.