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  • Name – Make the name relevant to this campaign, if you expect to create campaigns for the same product in the future consider adding the month to the name
  • Description – Put a description of your campaign in this field. You can add details about the deadline and the requirements here is you wish
  • Privacy – Set your group to Hidden, this allows you to add the chosen influencers to the group and not have anyone else join it
  • Posts moderation – set this to auto publish
  • Enable invites feature
  • Set it so only group administrators can invite people
  • Enable invites search

How to use your group

Once your group is created you will want to add users to your group.

  • Go to the group and click send invites.
  • Search for the influencer names that you have selected and click invite.
  • The influencers will then receive a notification to let them know they have been invited to join the group.

You can use this group to communicate with all of the influencers at the same time. This is useful for letting them know you have posted the product, checking that the products have been received and sending reminders.

The influencers can add their links to the group as well as upload photos into the group.

When you have finished your campaign you can close the group.

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