I went to #BlogOnMSI Linky

Well, I finally arrived home late last night exhausted but buzzing after another epic BlogOn Conference. Laura headed in the team group last night to ask someone to volunteer to write this post whilst she curled up and slept for a week but we were all a little bit tired. She asked someone to create a kinky code and then another team member suggested the post include some antidotes to the day. We are pretty sure she meant anecdotes because none of us want an antidote to BlogOn.

BlogOn kicked off with the launch party from Paladone with the bonus strippers walking through which was a fun evening. We were happy to see Team BlogOn being represented in the final photo of the night by Luke as the last man standing, he didnt even seem that hungover yesterday. The morning of BlogOn started with breakfast from Soreen (for those not full of McD’s), cupcakes from Three and a lot of coffee needed and we did notice that the headache tablets from the bathroom were used pretty early on. We had some great brand experiences including the Blogger Board Game club from Esdevium games, Drumsticks bucket list from Swizzels and that fabulous lucky dip from Visibilis where Laura’s daughter won the star prize of a pair of straighteners! We hoped you enjoyed talking to all of the brands as we know they enjoyed talking to you and will no doubt be contacting you all soon.

Sadly I didn’t get to listen to all the sessions as there was a lot going on behind the scenes, but the feedback I have seen so far has been really positive.

If you did miss a workshop and are now kicking yourself, don’t panic, as we will be sharing the highlights on the blog and social media channels in the coming weeks, so make sure you like our facebook page.

Laura, the BlogOn team and the brands in attendance love getting feedback on the conference so we can improve on your experience at future events. Much as we would like to speak to you all individually, there are just not enough hours in the day, so have set up the BlogOn Conference linky below so you can share your thoughts on the event.

Don’t be shy: whether you loved it, hated it or were somewhere in between, we would love to know what you thought of the conference; what you learned; your favourite sessions; what you are changing or not changing; who you networked with; what brands you liked; what you thought of the epic goody bags (now you know why you needed that suitcase) and whether you enjoyed the cake and wine!!

We promise to comment and share everyone’s post who joins in and hope to see those who link, visit other linkers too and find some new blogs to read.