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24 – How to write high quality product reviews that answer the right questions and rank well on search

We know that Google wants the internet to be better and I know that you write product reviews otherwise you wouldn’t be a member on this site so how can we make both of these things work together?

Rich snippets

When you search google for an item or a recipe or something like that you may notice that some of the search results include more data than normal, this could include a picture, a star rating, even pros and cons. All of these bits of extra information are called rich snippets and Google loves them. Now the easiest way to add rich snippets is to use a plugin.

Sadly the best plugins are paid ones so unless you want to invest then it will be harder to see benefits from this but the free version of WP Reviews allows you to add the star rating, picture and enough information to make it worth while. If you did want to pay for it then you can add the pros and cons snippets which Google are really interested in right now.

Schema Pro looks like a great paid plugin which seems to be a bit easier to use with some automation but the free version is more restricted and a lot more manual work.

Rich snippets use what’s called schema markup to provide extra information about your content to the search engines. The search engine bots use this data to show additional information about your posts and pages in the search results. This helps to make your posts and pages stand out more in the search results, which can improve your organic click through rate and help you increase your blog traffic.It also helps you build authority in your niche, as your site becomes more visible in the search.

Rich snippets are not just for review sites or recipes. You can use rich snippets for events, products, people, video, music, apps, articles, blog posts, and more.

Answer the right questions

Your posts need to answer the questions that people will be searching for on google. If you can do that then you will rank well and produce helpful content. You also want to look at making sure you use headers to break up your content. A table of contents plugin can also work to highlight to google that your content has a helpful structure. Type the product or place you are reviewing into google and see what search suggestions come up, these will help you to see what people are searching for.

Remove the personal element

I know it is hard to do but by removing the personal element from your writing google will like it more. Making it factual, getting it to answer questions and providing information that is useful will all help your search rankings. If you are using the rich snippets as above then add the personal opinions to the review section of the plugin rich snippets area.

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