Tips on Being Conference Ready For BlogOn 2017

Whether it’s your first or fifth visit to a Blog On Conference you will no doubt find yourself preparing weeks in advance for the event. With all the excited chatter on social media, you have probably realised that there are just over 4 weeks to go! Blog On really is one of the blogging highlights of the year, so we thought you may like some tips on ensuring you are conference ready…


As in flat shoes. Unless your feet are cultured to spending hours walking around in stilettos, you will appreciate the advice that flat shoes are the most sensible way to ensure happy feet on the day. 


If you wish to pack a notepad and pen to take on the day do so, however there do tend to be notebooks and writing implements available on the tables in the main room. Speakers will offer print outs during a session or provide notes via links after the event. With so many brands in attendance too, there will always be an inordinate amount of pens available, so don’t worry!

Business Cards

These are not essential but will certainly make your day an awful lot easier! If you fancy designing some funky cards, then I can highly recommend Moo who offer design options galore, allowing you to create a business card personal to you and your blog. Feel free to use this referral code to receive £10 off your first order

Blog On Linky

Take part in the Blog On Linky, get to know other attendees alongside introducing yourself. It’s a lovely ice breaker, especially if you are attending the event for the first time and feel slightly apprehensive about the day. There truly is no need to be, don’t be scared of simply rocking up to people and saying ‘Hi’, what’s better than a room full of bloggers, cake and alcohol?


Familiarise yourself with the brands who are going to be in attendance at the event by checking out the brand attendee list on the BlogOnUK Twitter account. You can also check out a list of the fantastic bloggers attending Blog On, so give them a follow and say hi on the day!

Power Banks

Always a good idea as a blogger when out and about anyway, however power banks will ensure your phone has enough juice on the day. Feel free to take a charger if you do not have a power bank as there are plug sockets available at the event.


You may see the numerous comments about taking a suitcase sized bag or holdall with you to Blog On and think this is a belated April Fool’s… trust me, it isn’t! Having attended the majority of the Blog On conferences, I can categorically state that it will make your life a lot easier to have a bag with wheels. Not only will you receive several awesome goody bags from the event, but with a raffle, tombola and numerous brands in attendance you will find yourself struggling with overloaded arms and will be grateful of a larger bag.

Bag Amnesty 

The contents of the Blog On goody bags are always amazing and no doubt you will have seen lots of images recently of what to expect… with lots more to come! Go and check out the BlogOnUK Instagram account if you haven’t already. If you find any items in your bag that are not relevant to you or your family, then feel free to leave it with the Bag Amnesty at the end of the event. Any child related products are donated to Ward 84 of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and any baby or food items are donated to the local food bank.

The day will be fairly relaxed and I can guarantee you will leave with a huge smile on your face, new friends, goodies galore and a renewed vigour for your blog!