Do I need business cards for BlogOn?… A Business Card 101 with Clare from Emmy’s Mummy

I know BlogOn is now just around the corner however if you aren’t the most organised of people and have just realised with all the brands (and fellow bloggers) in attendance you’ve not sorted your business cards it isn’t too late…. yet! But hurry!

Why do I need a business card?

Well you don’t have to have them however they do make life a tad easier.

We all wear badges at BlogOn, not to look cool, but to save the embarrassment of forgetting someone’s name/blog… a quick glance at a badge will help you save face until you can have a quick Google and realise you actually follow that person or know who they are (even if you don’t you can at least pretend!). However, ladies, you will have to put up with that awkward ‘I’m not looking at your boobs honest’ glancing as that is prime badge sticking territory.

We offer the option of designing your own badge but creativity isn’t the forté of us all so popping a business card into your holder may be the easy option for you.

What to add to your business card?

This of course is very personal however if you have a blog logo which helps to identify you it maybe worth adding that especially if you use this throughout your social media channels as your branding.

Contact details

This can include your social media handles if you wish, but, having your email address clearly displayed helps brands to contact you almost immediately without having to search for it. Your telephone number and address being visible is entirely up to you, I personally choose not to add these as they can be easily obtained via an email with no fear of a random grabbing a discarded card on the train.

Colour & Style

Your cards work best when they match your blog design. Even if the font matches or the colour scheme is the same, it helps associate you with it in the pile.

Tag lines

Make it clear what you blog about.

With so many bloggers around you may want to think about distinguishing yourself from others straight away. Are you a craft blogger, parent blogger, fashion blogger, food blogger or something else?  How does that PR you’ve handed your card to know that?

Think about making it clear on your business card.

Clear Font

Make yourself stand out but it probably goes without saying…. use a clear font which others can easily read.

Add your face

I know it seems narcissistic, BUT if a PR has been looking at 200 faces all day, how are they supposed to remember everybody? Let alone place names with faces. Make life easier for them, place your mugshot on the card if you can fit it in (and make sure it actually looks like you!). *flicking through the many cards they get, see’s your face* “Blogger 1, Blogger 2… Oh yeah, she/he was the one that was interested in… we spoke for ages about…”. You will stand out from the crowd that bit more if you do and you’ll earn brownie points from the PR for making the sorting process easier.

Don’t forget you can use both sides!

Business cards don’t have to be one sided, utilise the reverse of the card.

You could add your logo on one side with your contact details on the reverse. OR…

You could add all this to one side and use the reverse to sell yourself. Do you have something you are proud of and would like brands to instantly know about? Have you won an award? Been featured on TV or a magazine?  Shout about it…. you are of course your biggest fan (aside your parents and best friend).

What’s On Mine…

As an example of my business cards – the front contains my blog header alongside my email address and blog fb/Twitter handles as well as my blog url.

The reverse has my current credentials on “#3 UK Mummy Blog 2017 in the Vuelio charts, top 100 of Tots100 blogging charts since 2013”


You will gather an abundance of cards from PR’s. Write on them which product they were showing that interested you. You will get home and have to look up who every company represents otherwise.

Other bloggers, just take a photo of their badge. Save the business cards for the PR’s, their not cheap and you don’t want to run out!