Get ready for Google Web Stories

20. Get ready for Google Web Stories

I talked about Google Web Stories briefly in the Extra email I sent out in June but it definitely deserves its own blog post. A Google Web Story can be described as a cross between a Pinterest pin and an Instagram story. You create the different slides which can incorporate images or video, add music and text and then link it to a post on your website. Google Web Stories can be created on your WordPress site by installing the Google Web Stories plugin. This is ideal as it talks you through the various steps and shows you how to create amazing web stories.

Although not yet launched in the UK, Google Web Stories are coming and being able to get ahead of the curve and create them for some of your most popular posts will definitely pay dividends when they launch into search here.

Not all posts would work as a Google Web Story but listicles, how-to’s, recipes and posts that answer specific questions are ideal. Take a look at some of the posts on your site that provide the most traffic and look at the search terms that are bringing those people to you. Can you use those search terms to create something visually appealing? You don’t want to regurgitate your whole blog post but think of Google Web Stories as a lazy person’s way to absorb your content. Keep the text brief but informative and make the slides visually appealing to keep them hooked.

The Web Stories plugin comes with lots of templates that you can choose from to get you started or you can create your own designs. This is absolutely something that you should install and start playing with it. I could keep going and show you how to make one but Google explains it so much better than I do. Go and visit their creator’s site and find out why you should be creating web stories