Blogging conferences: How to find a Sponsor

We all love a good Blogging Conference but let’s face it we can’t always afford them outright and as much as you plan to save a little each month life gets in the way and that money gets dipped into.
It could be said it’s an investment for your blog and if you are earning through blogging the cost can always be added as an expense on your tax return but what if you aren’t earning/can’t justify spending the ticket money, travel and even a hotel for a night or two….well you could look into finding a Sponsor to help cover the costs.

What is a Sponsor?

A sponsor is a company/brand who would cover the cost of the conference for you, either the whole cost or part of the costs.

Why would they do this?

This would be a mutually beneficial arrangement between you as a blogger and the brand. You would need to pre arrange coverage with them in exchange for the money.

What can you offer a brand?

You can offer coverage on your blog, social media coverage or pre arrange a set  number of reviews per year, sidebar advertising……the list could go on.

Finding a Sponsor, how do you do it?

Firstly, you’ll need to decide what it is you want to offer in exchange for sponsorship.
Things you could offer include:
Sidebar advertising
Blog posts
Tweets including the brand on the day of the conference (remember BlogOn always  trends on conference days)
Logos on the back of your business cards
The more you are able to offer a brand the more likely they are to want to sponsor you. You have to make it a mutually beneficial partnership.  Outline what these things would cost individually and put together a package deal…..sell yourself and your blog.

How to find a Sponsor?

The obvious place to start is your blog, we are bloggers after all.  Write a post on what the conference is you are attending, why you want to attend and what you hope to get feom attending. Then outline what you have to offer in exchange for this sponsorship.
Add a note about sponsorship in your email signature. Include your blog post link so it can be read.
Email companies you’ve previously worked with.
Add the conference badge to your sidebar so brands know you are could add a title such as “sponsor me to attend” if you want to.
Add a Facebook post on your blog page, many brands may already follow you and could be searching for someone to sponsor.
Tweet to your followers…include the conference handle and it will be RT’ed, use relevant hashtags and although controversial #Prrequest is a good one to use for this purpose and/or #journorequest
(Just don’t overuse those hashtags as they are really spammed by bloggers at times asking for free washing machines/hoovers/holidays)
Remember you are your biggest fan, be confident in what you are able to offer and sell yourself.
I have been successful in gaining sponsorship for blogging events for the past 5 years so if you want any extra help please do ask and also remember BlogOn have just introduced a payment plan to help spread the costs too.