Meet The Blogger: Mini Travellers

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Mini Travellers

Name – Karen Beddow

Blog URL –

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How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

I’ve been blogging now for almost 5 years. I started blogging because I wanted a distraction from the day job and I enjoyed writing about travel so much.

What do you wish you had known before you started?

To think about the name of the blog more – what would people naturally google to find the information I provide

What one tip would you give to a new blogger?

Comparison is the thief of joy.

What is the most surprising thing you have learned since you started blogging?

What an industry it is, I literally had no idea. It’s been fascinating to see it develop and change over the last 5 years.

What is the best thing about blogging?

Friends and amazing holidays.

What new skills have you learned since you started blogging?

To write in a different style. With a legal background my writing style was quite formal and it is much less so now. I’ve also learned to share a lot. If you share knowledge good things come back to you.

What is the most unusual thing you have done/received because of blogging?

The whole family being filmed by the LTA and having a house full of camera crew at 6am on a Saturday morning.

What has been your proudest blogging achievement so far?

Winning my very first award for Best Family Travel Blog. I didn’t believe it would happen.

What is your blogging goal for the next year?

To develop the website to produce a much more passive income, at the moment the majority of my income comes from PR campaigns.

What will you be doing in 5 years time?

I don’t know and that’s one of the most exciting things.

Will we see you at a BlogOn event this year?

Yes  you will

If Yes, What do you hope to learn more about at BlogOn?

SEO – always more about SEO

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