Tips to Develop a Content Strategy for your Blog

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Having a content strategy for your blog will help cut down time involved with blogging. Developing a plan for what type of content and when it will be published is a fabulous way to save time and ensure that you’re focused on blogging success. If you’re struggling with coming up with a content strategy for your blog then you’ve come to the right place, today I’m going to share some tips to develop a content strategy for your blog.

Determine a Goal

Research your audience by looking at your keyword data to determine what brings visitors to your website. This will help you determine a goal with your content strategy. There’s no sense in creating a content strategy if it’s not going to get any reach or gain more traffic for your blog. Write down some of your popular keywords and use them to continue the steps for content development.

Create an Editorial Calendar

There are many tools that can work well as an editorial calendar. You could use Trello Boards for workflow planning or you can use a Google Calendar to develop a content strategy for your blog. The key is to have some sort of editorial calendar that you can list what content you’ll write and publish on which days.

Use a Blog Post Idea Generator

If you get stuck on brainstorming topics that suit your keywords then you can always use a blog post idea generator to help you establish the right content. There are a few blog post idea generators online such as CoSchedule’s Blog Post Headline Analyzer or Feedly and BuzzSumo. You could also look at Google Trends to find some ideas based on the keyword data you insert.

Hashtags and National Holidays

Don’t forget how well hashtags and writing about National Holidays can do. Try to research some hashtags and National Holidays that may fall within the same or a similar topic as your keyword data to help brainstorm some ideas for your content. Make note of the best hashtags to use with each of your blog posts so that you can have quick access when creating your social media shares.

Set Time to Write

Now that you’ve gone through the steps to develop a content strategy for your blog and have some ideas, it’s time to figure out when you’ll write your blog posts. Develop a schedule for writing blog posts that work around the time you write best. Some people write content better at a specific time than other times, you’ll know what time to write works best for you.

Now that you have these tips to develop a content strategy for your blog it’s time to implement these tips to get moving forward in developing regular content for your blog no matter what happens in the rest of your life.