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1 – Taking this stuff seriously

By signing up for the Extra membership I know that you want to get more out of the work you do on your channels. The content that I will be sharing will help you to take this stuff seriously. After over 10 years as an influencer working with brands on paid and unpaid projects, I have a lot of knowledge to share. First I want you to spend a few weeks setting out a plan for where you want to be, what your goals are and how you can achieve them.

This week it is all about goal setting. Writing down your goals can really help you to achieve them.

So why do you do what you do? What is your aim for your channel? and I am not talking about follower numbers although that is a valid goal.

Do you have a dream brand (or a list of brands) that you want to work with?

Do you want to make a certain amount of money?

Once you have written down the goals that you want to achieve try and make them SMART goals. This is something that you may have come across in the past as it is a common thing in business but not something that people tend to use in their own lives. So what does SMART mean and how can you write your goals in this way?

S – Specific – Rather than write something like I want to grow my channel or make more money set very specific goals such as ‘I want to increase by 1k followers’ or I want to make £1000

M – Measurable – To be able to see if you are reaching your goals, you need to know where you started. Write down where you are now on your channels or how much you are earning and then keep track of it on a weekly or monthly basis.

A – Achievable – Don’t get unrealistic goals. There is no point in saying that you are going to gain 10k followers in a month or that you will go from earning nothing to £3k. Set small achievable goals

R – Relevant – This one is quite obvious but ensure that your goals are relevant to you, your family and your channel

T – Time-based – Set yourself a deadline. Large goals may take a year or six months but you can also set yourself smaller goals where you aim to do x amount of things a month or increase by x number of followers a month.

An example of goals that I would set myself would be

‘To make a minimum of £1000 a month through my blog’ or ‘To get two new outreach clients in January’ or ‘To increase BlogOn Pro membership by 25 people a month’

Feel free to share your goals with me in the comments below if you want me to look over them or if you feel that you need the extra accountability. However, remember these goals are for you, keep them where you can see them, read them often and aim for success.

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