Looking at your expenses

8 – Looking at your expenses

As a BlogOn Extra member I already know that you are happy to spend your money to help to enhance your blog so I assume that you are also registered as self-employed (if you make money you should be registered as that or a limited company even if you also have a full-time job like me). Many moons ago I used to be a business accountant so I will share with you some of the things that I put through on my expenses. Legal Disclaimer, I am no longer registered and I haven’t been for about 10 years so this is a post about what I do and not what you should do so please do speak to a registered accountant or HMRC if you have any questions. Now with that out of the way here are all the ways I avoid a huge tax bill!

General website expenses

  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • domain name/s
  • tech support/design services
  • software like photoshop/microsoft office/accountancy
  • Gsuite fees (possible if you use gmail) or similar

Social media expenses

  • Scheduling apps
  • Canva/Picmonkey
  • Advertising

General office expenses

  • Simplified expenses if working from home
  • Stationery
  • Post Office costs
  • Percentage of your phone bill
  • Percentage of your Internet bill

General Business expenses

  • Public liability insurance
  • Accountancy fees
  • Training courses
  • Membership fees (like BlogOn Extra!)
  • Advertising such as business cards


  • Laptop
  • Camera and lenses
  • Lights
  • Backdrops
  • Photo props
  • Furniture such as a desk or office chair

Travel / Events

  • Train tickets
  • Hotel costs
  • Mileage at 45p per mile
  • Food on over night trips
  • Parking
  • Taxi fares
  • Event Tickets
  • Uniforms – If you wanted a branded top for an event for example

When I am sorting out my expenses I go through every single bank account, PayPal account, Amazon account etc and look at all of the transactions because it is easy to miss them. I do have a separate business bank account but sometimes I pay for things using my personal account so it is always worth checking. If you think of anything else that you claim let us know in the comments.