Wondering what to write?

9 – Wondering what to write?

Have you ever wondered how to increase your visibility on Google or how to write articles that will actually get seen? Well I have a tip for you


Answerthepublic.com is a great website that allows you to find titles and content ideas. I usually use it when I am approached for a sponsored post. If I cant think of something to write then I can put the keyword or a descriptive word or phrase into the search bar and it will return some suggestions. This is also a good way of creating additional content that is similar to what is already bringing you traffic. Take a look at some of your most popular posts, are there other articles that you could write that would support your popular ones? Maybe the ones you have don’t actually cover the answers people need?

Search Console

Why not take a look at the content on your site that is bringing you the most organic traffic? If it is an old post then it is worth updating the content if needed. Although people are finding the page it may not be optimised as well as it could be or it may not actually answer their search query so make sure you check what they searched to land on your site.

Evergreen content

Bulk up your blog content with a great selection of evergreen content. This is content that is timeless, it doesn’t depend on the time of year or even the popularity of a particular item. Great examples of evergreen content are how-tos, tutorials, listicles, and expert tips. In fact, articles like the one you are reading is a great example of evergreen content. It will rarely change and can be useful all year round, I just might have to update it occasionally.

I hope this has helped you plan out some new articles. Why not spend an hour on answer the public and come up with a whole list of articles that you can publish over the next year to help bulk out your ad content?